Tonka beans, organic

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Dessert spice with a punch

The Tonka bean has a powerful scent of vanilla, woodruff, and bitter almonds. Others detect a fragrance of sandalwood, magnolia, clove, and even pear in the beans. These complex flavor properties have made the beans a popular addition to sweet dishes, including ice cream and pastries, where it is grated and mixed into dry ingredients or stirred into cream, ice creams, or alcohol. It also works well with chocolates and fruits such as strawberries or apricots.

The Tonka bean resembles a large raisin and is finely grated before use in the same way as nutmeg. Our Tonka beans are organically sourced.

Tonka beans provide a more subtle and complex aroma than vanilla, and their essential oils have been used in perfumes for centuries. Tonka is especially popular in French desserts and often features in the creations of upscale Parisian bakeries. In the world of cocktails, Tonka makes a particularly excellent addition to rum-based drinks. It is also versatile enough to be used in salty cuisine, where its complex flavor helps elevate the taste of scallops, mayo, pumpkin soup, or even mashed potatoes.

Tonka beans are the seeds of the flowering Cumaru tree, which can grow to heights of up to 25-30 meters. The Cumaru tree is native to Central and South America.


As with vanilla beans, Tonka beans should not be consumed on their own, but rather as an aromatic ingredient in other dishes.

Tonka beans contain a chemical called coumarin and in fairly high levels. Depending on geography and climate, they can contain between 1 to 3.5% coumarin.

You should, therefore, avoid using more Tonka than stated in the recipe.

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Product information:
Organic spice
Ingredients: Whole Tonka Bean. Contains Coumarin. Reduce consumption. Read more  /
Net weight: 20 g
Storage: In a dark, dry, and airtight space
DK-ØKO-100 Ikke/Non-EU Jordbrug/Viljely