Smoked White Pepper, organic

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Now the pepper with its elegant smoky note is back in an organic version

Smoked White Pepper is a Mill & Mortar classic, which is now back in our pepper range after a break. We have now found a skilled collaborative partner who smokes our beautiful organic white pepper from Sri Lanka. It is rare that upgrading to an organic product at a better price than earlier is a success. So now all the customers who have been missing Smoked White Pepper now have reason to celebrate.

What is white pepper?

Pepper grows best in shady areas on metre high vines which twist around palms or poles which are erected for the purpose. For black pepper it is harvested when the berries are green and unripe. For white pepper it is harvested when the berry is red and matured. Then the outer shell of the red pepper berry is washed in running water (the pepper is often placed in a basket in a sink) and the pepper berry’s inner core comes out. The berries are finally dried in the sun and sorted and now you have white pepper.

This pepper is smoked over beech and pine tree granulate mixed with juniper berries. The smoky flavour lies around the hard core of the pepper berry and even though the smoky scent is clear, the smoky flavour is more of a nuance in the pepper flavour when it is ground over food. Our white pepper is grown by small farmers in the Thysmada and Matale region, which are organised in cooperatives and grow their crops organically. Pepper from Sri Lanka is strong and tasty.

Where is Smoked White Pepper used?

Use Smoked White Pepper freshly ground on egg dishes, on Danish sandwiches, on butter-steamed vegetables or any type of fish.

Product information
Organic smoked white pepper
Ingredients: White pepper
Net weight: 50 g
Storage: In a dark, dry and airtight space
NON EU Agriculture / Landbouw / Landwirtschaft