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Flaming Dust is a spice mix with its own unique story. Developed by the Swedish Flaming Pig BBQ team for the Danish BBQ championships in 2013, Flaming Dust took 1st place in the Best BBQ Spice category. Flaming Dust is a flavourful explosion of fennel, liquorice and star anise infused with ginger and oregano – and heated by “flames” of smoked hot paprika and chilli. Excellent on white meat and fish.

Flaming Dust Fish Kebab

Fast and easy to make, simply skewer seasonal fruit and vegetables and pieces of succulent fish for this modern barbecue classic.
We’ve taken approx. 100 g fish per person.



Salmon Kebab                   Monkfish Kebab             Rub
Salmon                                Monkfish                          2 tsp. Flaming Dust
Spring onions                    Nectarines                        1 ½ tsk. brown sugar
Yellow courgette               Asparagus                         1 ½ tsk. salt
Lime                                    Lemons                             (for approx. 500 gm fish)


Start by combining the ingredients for the rub. Then cut the fish into 2×2 cm pieces and
coat them in the rub. Cut the plums, nectarines and citrus fruit into quarters, the
spring onions/asparagus into approx. 4-cm pieces, and halve and slice the courgette into discs.
Now skewer the vegetables, fruit and fish (if using wooden skewers, soak them
in water first). Baste the vegetables with oil – possibly combined with the last of the rub – before
putting the kebabs in the oven/ a grill pan /on the barbecue for 5-6 minutes, depending on
how high the heat is. We like a bit of char on our kebabs.

Serve the kebabs with a crisp salad. For a more filling meal, serve with slices of grilled bread drizzled with some olive oil.