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True C5 Quality Cinnamon - Delicate and Aromatic from Cinnamon Farmer Ananda in Sri Lanka

Mill & Mortar exclusively sources true cinnamon from Sri Lanka (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) - simply because it tastes better. True cinnamon, of proper quality, possesses a sweet, warm flavor and a delicate aroma.

All true cinnamon is hand-cut, in contrast to Cassia cinnamon, which can be processed mechanically. In Sri Lanka, cinnamon cutting is a recognized craft, often passed down through generations in families.

Ananda's Cinnamon and ALBA Cinnamon represent the highest qualities of true cinnamon, cut from the thinnest and most aromatic pieces of inner bark. Only the most skilled and experienced cutters can produce cinnamon of Mill & Mortar quality.

You can distinguish Sri Lanka cinnamon from machine-cut Cassia cinnamon by examining the ends, which, on Sri Lanka cinnamon, resemble a tightly rolled cigar and can crumble between your fingers.