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Fire, embers, sparks and smoke, long summer evenings, good friends and an informal atmosphere. There’s no getting around it, we simply love to grill.

We’ve made it easy for you to take your barbecue dishes to a new level, because spices – despite all the different ways to grill – are an essential component of grilling and BBQ. In collaboration with passionate grilling enthusiasts and professional BBQ teams, we have developed three unique BBQ rubs that make it easy and fun to grill fish, meat, vegetables and fruit all year round.

Get mouthwatering aromas and vibrant flavours with rubs, marinades and glazes:

  • A rub is a dry herb blend that you can sprinkle on fish and vegetables and ‘rub’ on and into meat (often with salt), usually allowing some time before tossing it on the grill.
  • You can also make a spicy marinade by mixing the herb blend with oil, vinegar, salt and honey. Allow the meat to rest coated in the rub or marinate for 12-24 hours, so the meat becomes tender and the flavours penetrate better.
  • Glazes are thick, sweet grill sauces that you can brush on during the final grilling time and allow to lightly caramelise the food surface. Create your own glaze of sugar, vinegar, salt and herbs with a little water added to adjust the consistency, which should be thick and syrupy.
  • At Mill & Mortar you will never find salt (or other additives) in the herb blends, so make sure to add your own salt as required.

Flaming Dust is a well-rounded spice blend with an exquisite flavour from fennel, liquorice powder, and star anise on a base of ginger and oregano with a kick of heat from smoked paprika and chili. Can be used for all kinds of meat, oily fish, vegetables and is absolutely amazing on grilled fruit such as pineapples.

Mermaid’s Bite has a fresh flavour that pairs sublimely well with fish, grilled vegetables or white meats. The blend features notes of mint and citrus on a base of green fennel, coriander and three kinds of seaweed. The ‘bite’ comes from a touch of chili. Retain the fresh flavour by allowing the ingredients to marinate with the rub and grill over indirect heat, preferably in tinfoil, to ensure that the fine herb oils do not burn off.

Smokey Sally The lightly smoked aroma of Spanish paprika gives this blend its special ‘grilled outdoors’ flavour. Use as a rub or a simple marinade made of oil, vinegar and salt on all white meats and for vegetables. Ideal for pulled pork.

This box includes:

1 tin of Flaming Dust - see more info

1 tin of Mermaid's Bite - see more info

1 tin of Smokey Sally - see more info