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Mill & Mortar’s salts are made from salt crystals gently harvested from the salinas, or salt ponds, near Alicante in Spain, a salt-making area since the Middle Ages.

The head salt farmer of La Salina La Fortuna is inspired by the locality, and infuses our salt with flavours and minerals of the surroundings: wine, citrus and active coal. Enjoy the salts as they are or use them in a salt mill.

Finishing Salts add an eye-catching finishing touch to your food. Presented at table or in your dishes, the small flakes are a delight to the eye and melt in your mouth.


Black Salt Flakes The salt is infused with activated charcoal, which gives it its gorgeous black colour and completes the fine salt flavour. The shimmering flakes make an amazing finishing touch for dishes with light-coloured ingredients, such as grilled meat, fish, vegetables and eggs. Black salt flakes can also be used for finishing chocolate cake and homemade confectionery.


Citrus Salt Flakes - originate from the underground salt sources of Villena in Spain. The salt flakes are then infused in oil extracted from sun-dried, with a green drizzle of lemon thyme. Citrus salt flakes are the perfect complement for all types of fish and vegetables that love a touch of citrus and herbs.


Red wine salt flakes are infused with red wine from the Catalan Priorat district in Spain, which is known for its bold but elegant wines. This creates a gorgeous magenta-tinted salt with a distinct wine aroma that is perfect for steak and other roasted meats. This beautiful salt can also be used for baking or pastry decoration, such as homemade toffee.



Gift box contains:

1 tin of Red Wine Salt - see more info
1 tin of Black Salt - see more info
1 tin of Citrus Salt - see more info