Malabar Green Pepper, organic

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A mild, fresh pepper flavour, as close to the fresh pepper berry as we can come

What is green pepper?

The fresh pepper berry is green when it is picked from the vine. Under normal circumstances the pepper berry is dried in the sun and it becomes black. It is the black pepper as we know it. Our Malabar Green Pepper is also picked as green berries, but is then freeze dried, thus keeping the beautiful colour and structure from the fresh
pepper berry. 

What should I use it for?

Malabar Green Pepper has a much milder and fresher flavour than black pepper. It is incredibly well suited for salad dressings, crushed and sprinkled over fresh cheeses, vegetable dishes and fish. The whole green peppercorn can conveniently replace pickled peppercorns in an old school pepper steak or pepper sauce. They can be
soaked before use so the small berries recover their “fresh” consistency. 

Pepper from the world’s spice cradle

Our Malabar Green Pepper is grown in Kerala, India. Kerala is one of the largest spice producing regions in the world and is famous for its production and export of pepper, which is also called the “King of Spices.” Even though other regions have overtaken
Kerala as a major producer of pepper, there is a centuries old knowledge of pepper cultivation here. Many of the varieties that are cultivated around the world stem from the Kerala region.

Product information:
Malabar Green Pepper
Ingredients: Green pepper
Net weight: 25 g
Storage: In a dark, dry and airtight space
NON EU Agriculture / Landbouw / Landwirtschaft