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Cake blogger and cookbook writer Ditte Julie of Danish television series ‘Den store Bagedyst’ fame, in collaboration with Mill & Mortar, has developed an organic spice blend for cakes and desserts with fruit and berries. Last spring, Ditte Julie addressed us with an idea of ​​a spice mixture that would work wonders in the sweet kitchen. And that’s how CAKE FACTOR was born.

CAKE FACTOR has a well-balanced flavour of allspice, powdered nutmeg, star anise, real Sri Lanka cinnamon with hints of clove and ginger.



Fruit: 4 ripe plums, 20 g cane sugar, 11/2 teaspoon Cake Factor
Pie Crust: 150 g wheat flour, 60 g flour, 75 g butter, 2 egg yolks
Mazarin filling: 100 g pure marzipan, 75 g cane sugar, 50 g softened butter, 1 egg, juice of 2 lemon, 10 ml whipped cream and some edible flowers for decoration.


Fruit: Remove the plum pits and slice them thin.
Turn the slices in a bowl gently with sugar and Cake Factor. Leave the fruit standing for at least 2 hours.
Pie Crust: Mix wheat flour, flour and lemon until it get the consistency of breadcrumbs. Turn the dough quickly with the egg yolks. Stop mixing as soon as the dough is uniform. Put the dough into a cellophane bag, squeeze flat and cool for at least 1 hour.
Mazarin filling: Mix the marzipan, cane sugar and butter together till there are no marzipan lumps. Stir the egg and lemon juice into the mix until smooth.

Bring the dough out, and roll it out 2-3 mm thick on a clean, flat surface. Carefully fill the dough into the baking tray (22 cm in diameter) and remove excess dough from the edges. Pour the mazarin filling in the unbaked dough and sprinkle the flowers on top. Bake for 190 degrees hot air for approx. 25 minutes.

Allow the pie to completely slip from the mold when done.
This delicious pie can be enjoyed with lightly whipped cream and tea.

It’s tea-time, folks!